3 Powerful Smart Blenders Used By The Pioneer Woman

3 Powerful Smart Blenders Used By The Pioneer Woman | Detailed Review & Buyer’s Guide

Do you know the Pioneer Woman? Her name is Ree Drummond and she is a popular American chef, author, blogger, and television personality. Her recipes are loved by thousands of devoted fans. Her empire also includes cookware lines with Williams-Sonoma and Walmart. Pioneer Woman is America’s most beloved homemaker, cooking icon, and New York Times best-selling author. Her love for the old West, rustic cooking, and tasty recipes has taken her into America’s homes through radio, television, websites, magazines, books, and appearances on the Food Network. Even as this is so, one may begin to ask; what type of blender does the Pioneer Woman uses? In this article, We will reveal the types of blender this woman uses and why she prefers to use them.

What Types Of Blender Does The Pioneer Woman Uses?

One of the keys to becoming a good chef is by using a good blender. But what is a good blender? Well, what makes a good blender has to do with the following: design, speed, power rating, durability, easy usability and maintenance. Below are the types of blender used by the Pioneer Woman to produce delicious and highly nutritious delicacies.

  1. KitchenAid Smart Blender

The KitchenAid KSB1332YPA 5-Speed Red Blender is a fully featured basic for processing food. The main features are the five speeds, the 500 Watt power, the stainless steel blades, the one year warranty, and that it scratches resistant. It is made of all metal construction with an ergonomic design to help you work without getting tired. ORDER NOW!

Why You Should Use The KitchenAid Blender?

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Red Blender is tough enough for frequent use, yet is simple to operate. With this blender, you can choose the speed that best suits your blending needs, and let the blade handle the rest. With over 500 watts of power, this blender is engineered to tackle almost anything– from smoothies to salsa, with five speeds to choose from. This model comes in either diamond or red, with the exclusive BPA-free mixing jar.


  1. ICUCINA Professional Smart Blender

The Icucina professional blender is another powerful blender used by the international chef and celebrity, The Pioneer Woman. It is ideal for busy families who love to cook. The powerful 800 watt motor smoothly blends up to 16 ounces of frozen beverages, homemade salsa or chili, and other great tasting recipes. And the five speed control system makes it easy to blend at a speed that’s perfect for your needs. The Icucina Blender features a stainless steel chopping blade and a glass jar with a 2 cup capacity – perfect for family meals. The pouring shield makes pouring easy – just touch a button to remove it or place it back on. When you’ve got a recipe you love, just twist the control dial to the pulse position and you’re ready. ORDER NOW!

Why You Should Consider Using This Blender?

The Icucina blender makes everything from ice cream to smoothies, dips to dressings, sauces to salsas and margaritas to martinis. You can make fresh sauces and other recipes quickly and easily with the Blender’s five speeds. The 1.5 peak HP motor offers the power you want, while diamond-tipped blades turn ingredients into smooth purées or silky foams in seconds. Plus, it has all the quality features that make it stands out– like the chrome control panel, sturdy base and stainless steel blades.


  1. Vitamin A2300 Smart Blender

Vitamin A2300 is another smart blender used by this popular chef. It is a solution for people who needs fast and easy-to-use device in the kitchen. Plus, its unique shape makes this blender one of the most efficient chopper cups on the planet. By placing food into the cup, you can chop ingredients up to ten times faster than chopping by hand with minimal clean-up. The unique design also allows you to store your chopped ingredients in the cup’s base! A built-in cookbook holder on top of the cup allows you to copy favorite recipes right on top of the base. Apart from the Pioneer Woman, other people who had used this blender made the following comments; “this is simply the best blender I have ever owned. It pulverizes almost everything I throw into it. It self-cleans with just a bit of warm water and some dishwashing liquid. The blades are super sharp, so be careful when you’re taking them off for cleaning.” One of my favorite features is the large spout with a removable cap for adding ingredients. ORDER NOW!


Why You Should Buy This Blender?

This is the most powerful and versatile 5-speed blender available from Vitamin A2300. It combines ice, fruit, protein powder for an all-in-one protein smoothie, or liquify tough ingredients for soups, sauces, baby foods and more. Diamond blending jars are designed to crush ice quickly and thoroughly with no risk of blowing out or overheating. It is a 5 speed blender, with a diamond-infused stainless steel blender jar and a large 60 oz. low profile jar. A preprogrammed pulse feature emulsifies ingredients to make them creamy for drinks like smoothies, ice cream sodas and shakes. This blender is highly durable for frequent use, yet is simple to operate. It allows you choose the speed that best suits your blending needs, and let the blade handle the rest.


In summary, blenders are essential items we should have in our kitchens. With a gorgeous gleaming metal finish and illuminated buttons, the above blenders get noticed and stay popular because of their timeless and elegant construction. Whether you want to blend smoothies or sauces, or crush ice for frozen drinks, these blenders have the power to do that. Again, they come with many options to choose from so you are sure to find what you are looking for. When going for blenders, select the ones that best suit your purpose. Also consider the brand, design, speed, maintenance and durability. We hope this article is helpful, don’t forget to send in your comments and suggestions.