100 Amazing Mountain Instagram Captions


Mountain Instagram captions are the perfect way to add a bit of mountain-themed pizazz to your Instagram posts. They’re also great for someone who loves outdoor adventure and exploring the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling and seeing new places and am not bragging, but I get great satisfaction from being in the mountains – there is something about this natural environment that you can’t get anywhere else and this is amplified when you’re surrounded by more snow than trees! Check out these great examples of mountain Instagram captions below. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Mountain Instagram Captions

A caption for a company that makes some of the best mountain gear.

Mountain life: Breakfast at the top.

At the beginning of August, we embrace an easy, laid-back montane – where fashion seems effortlessly cool in old denim and hiking boots.  #mountainsarecalling #wanderwego #bestoutdoors

Our bodies are built for the mountains and they’re calling our name.

Staring at the clouds, they look like mountains.

I’m always working on my craft. Making your hobby a passion will help you fall in love with the slopes again and again.

Dedicated to exploring every trail and chasing every sunset, we look forward to new adventures every day.

The sun is rising and the air is crisp. What a welcome way to start the day #MTD15

Hello fall, goodbye summer 🍁

A hike to the top is always worth it.

Feeling adventurous? We’re excited to share the details of our newest endeavor. Learn more: Mailing List |  Blog  |  Shares    #mountain #adventure

Whether you live in a 4 story building or a 1-story town home, we all need that getaway. This Labor Day weekend, head to the mountains for some relaxing rest and relaxation.

-Getting caught up in a good book and dreaming of warm, sunny days. #nationalreadingmonth #mountainsofbooks

Sunny spring scapes are great, but it’s nothing like walking into the warm hues of autumn 🍂 #mountains

Every mountain has a story. Share yours with us on Instagram.

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.

Jagged rocks and ivy-drenched cliffs, a breathtaking view that will take your breathe away.

We want to help you experience the peak of feeling great. Introducing Dr. Joshua Zeichner’s Peak Anti-Aging Serum.

Hello sun. #AOGBEACH #AdventureOfTheBeachLife

No filter required 🌲

Whatever your mountain is, we’re here to help you get to the top. #adventureisoutthere

Cheering on climbers from below the tree line. #itsyourmountain #magnusonproducts … See MoreSee Less Photo

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Suns out, mountains out. 🌅

Feeling crafty? We’re inviting up to create a canvas of your own this weekend #wanderlust

We’re just chasing those first flames of fall. #🍂

Hiking is like music. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can lead to wild and unexpected destinations—and it’s never too late to start again.

You can’t tell me there’s not already a song about mountains in your head right now. 🌲

Here in the mountains, we’re surrounded by natural beauty every day. By doing our part to preserve that natural beauty, we protect our home and ensure that visitors from around the world can continue to enjoy it.

The mountain has called to me; for nearly all my life I have been its willing slave.

It’s a winter wonderland up on the mountain today Thank you @diycreationworld for this cool pic 📷 🥰

I’m currently camped at 10,000ft on Mt. Akina, the highest peak of S Japan! Here are some shots I took while snoozing with friends on a bear-proof sleeping bag. #FollowTheSun

See you later, Denver. #MileHi

This earth of ours has such incredible beauty, I puzzle how anybody can ever leave it.

Packing my TOPO map into a backpack and hiking Taylors Canyon with the sun shimmering through meadows of columbine 😍🌿🎨

Tour de Choudog. Rescued dogs, mountains, and pedal-power are the best way to celebrate a golden summer day in Jackson Hole 🗻

An adventure is calling. Let’s explore. #ontheclock #adventurecalling

Now that fall’s officially here enjoy the mountain with your family, friends, and a hot cup of joe. 🌲🍵

Lingering summer days begging for one more, with the promise of fall’s beauty. 🍂 #mcm

Imagine being so high up that if you fell, you’d be falling for hours.

Reminds me of the time I met Captain Kirk’s daughter, it was on top of a mountain.

Warm weather, big peaks, and long days. What do you look forward to most about going into the backcountry? ##

Checking our to-do list at the base of the mountain takes us nowhere. Through success and failure, learn from your mistakes and keep pressing forward. 🏃💨 #KeepMovingForward

Getting away from it all, back where it all began. 🌄

A photo caption with mountain climbers

Get outside, spend time in nature, and don’t forget to capture the magic on your phone. #mountainvibes

What’s your favorite mountain to climb? Ours is the one we climb together. #adventures #wanderlust

Pray for mountains….

Alike a great snapshot of the city during one of the most beautiful times of the year. The pink, purple, orange leaves will set a nice summer scene on your feed. Use this photo to make your photos look really good

Let’s take it back to that moment when you’re on top of that mountain looking down at the world below you.

Grizzly Peak – Yosemite National Park, California

This #NationalMountainDay is a great time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Celebrate the legend that is Tom Wolfe (and the fall season!) with a trip to the mountains this fall.

Wondering why it is that mountains are more beautiful than any other natural creation. The stars and moon above it, the sunlight up here, the clouds below—everything in its place.

Let our mountains be your playground — and our lodging your home-away-from-home. 😊

Where streams sing and trout are hungry for flies, there’s a vast and wilderness called the Smokies. For generations of adventurers, it’s been their true delight to follow winding trails to this high-country

wonderland. Frontiersman Daniel Boone,

I like to wake up in the mountains and watch them roll by 🌲

Well, I guess I forgot how steep and relentless this trail was, but just look at the view up there! #tiptop #threeridgechallenge #nycmountaincrew #natureisfire “

Summit on over to #KrispyKreme! Mountain Dew Kreme is back.

Welcome to our little mountain town where eagles soar and big dreams come true. #norcal #mountainlife

That feeling when the air turns crisp and you’ve got a few peaks left to summit… 🌲 #mountainlife

Today I will climb mountains.

Whether you’re winding up here after a day on the slopes or traversing the skies above, this is what we call living large.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what trail you’re on or who you’re with. The mountain is the same to all of us.

Because it’s not a mountain unless you can see the peak. #keepclimbing

The mountains are calling but I must do laundry #mountains #caption #indiefilm #filmmaking #film #filmmaker #creative

Get away with us this weekend on a short whim into the mountains. Morning sunrises + clear ponds await you.

Fall is just like summer in Colorado because a fresh dusting of snow makes us feel like we are on top of the world.

Enjoy the view.

Ever wanted to conquer a mountain? Now you can with Bearfoot’s seriously good chocolate 🍫🍃 .

Life is short, so play hard. Climb every mountain 🏔 . 👆

Colorado, the land of endless discoveries. It’s no wonder why only a fifth of our state is developed—the rest is national forest or protected wilderness. ​With more than 67,000-square miles to explore, we’re pretty sure

I am a strong, capable woman. I can handle myself on the mountain all by myself.  I don’t need anyone

distracting me during the most sacred time of year (shout out to that guy who asked to take my photo the other

Traveling for a few weeks to the mountains of Montana.

The moment you catch your first glimpse of the mountains.

Fall in love with the majesty and beauty of nature. You’ll be absorbed by all the stunning hues of fall in the Canadian Rockies.

Fall may be summer’s clearest opposite, but there are few other things as perfect for each other. Like these perfectly paired adventures. Located a short hike away from one another, the North Cascades National Park and Mt. Baker-Sno

Ain’t nothing like a hike on a crisp autumn day. The smell of leaves and pine, the view from that perfect overlook. Maybe some sunshine and rain if you’re lucky. Then there’s that feeling when you

Nature is her solace. The peaks are her muse 😍 #blueblazedinthewild

Sunny, after-work hikes are the perfect way to detox on a Friday.

Stuck at work this weekend? Treat yourself to a weekender.

Life below the snow line

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at our most exciting opening yet! We’ve harnessed the breathtaking natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and built an immersive mountain lodge to call home.

*uplifting and inspired* adventures await you. climb higher… reach farther… overcome fear… we’ll be with you every step of the way. get outside—wherever you are—and enjoy all we have to offer. that’s what

🏔️ Summer skiing is officially over, but it’s always a perfect day to get outside and enjoy nature. 🌲

When you’re up high all that matters is the view.

There’s a line between a climber and a ski mountaineer. 🏔 -@chris_mcelroy

I’ve been looking forward to this little adventure all year. I’m so excited to be surrounded by nature again. This is the view from atop Mt. Whiteface, and it’s going to be a great day.

Your mountain, your summit.

Get your hands on our newest collection of adventure-ready. Gloves, socks, beanies you name it we have it.

Let It Go’ – and fall in love with the snow again. Happy #NationalSkiingDay 🎿

A climbing trip doesn’t have to be complicated: you don’t even need crampons. 😉

Who needs a table when you’ve got your own mountain? 🎿 #beautifuldestinations #landscape_captures

Celebrating our 35th year in the mountains of North Carolina. We’re still going strong and to think, we started out with a single store on Tunnel Road. If you’ve been here for more than a few years, you probably already know

Fall is here and it’s feeling super. Get ready for cooler weather… so you can layer up in the mountains!

The mountain is her muse.

A lone mountain goat on the trail above it all. #mountains #trailblazers #nps100

Coffee and mountains are my fuel.

Life out here is so laid back and scenic, it will make you want to drink hot cocoa and watch the snow fall.

Investing in the feeling of hope for travelers and hikers.

The hills are alive with the sound of music. And it’s coming from my phone.

We are so happy to welcome spring and all of its beauty back into our lives. We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful month. 🐥

Nothing beats a morning hike in the mountains, especially when it’s with you. ‼

So grateful for all of the memories I’ve made on this mountain 🏔

A fall ski weekend 🎿🏔

Hiking, climbing, exploring new places—to us, there’s nothing better to get out into nature and challenge yourself by pushing the limits of your comfort zone. Whether you’re scaling new heights or tackling a tough workout at the

Life is a rugged mountain. Sometimes we feel like Frodo & the ring—temptations keep coming at us from every direction. Before you know it, we’re completely worn out in pressure, stress, and burden—or soon to be that way

There’s a freedom I feel when I’m alone among the pines.

Making friends for life up here.

Our travels have taken us to some of the world’s most beautiful places.  They’ve also given us the chance to meet some of the most inspiring mountain men and women. We’re committed to helping these people thrive and supporting the sustainability of their

A Few Minutes At The Mountain Side 🏔

Hi. I’m the weekend, let’s do this. 😍 #ontheroadagain #mountainlocals ##

Feeling uplifted and inspired by mountain adventures. 🏔🌳

Fall has arrived in the #Mountains. Make sure you’re not missing out on all this beautiful backcountry has to offer. https://www.mountaingear.com/blog/the-view-from-here/

Mountaintop moments don’t happen by accident. They’re special because of the struggles you faced to get there.

Soaring through new peaks and exploring fresh terrain.

The hope of finding better views is what keeps us going up. -Mason Cooley #lifequotes

Mount it, ride it

…It is all well and good to talk about loving nature, but what do you do when nature turns against you. 🏔