120 Hiking Captions For Instagram

Hiking Captions For Instagram


Free Hiking Captions For Instagram and other photo-sharing sites. Hiking time, hike day, hiker girl, conversation, hiking friends, hiking quote, happy trails.


Hiking Captions For Instagram

When I get there, I’ll know it —Hi-ho, Hi-ho–Hiking to the Grand Canyon is so much fun

Slopes up, trails down — so how do I get to the top of the mountain? I hike. ##

Are you hiking in the woods today? Or are you hiking in your mind? 🌲🌲

Climb to the top of that mountain to discover something new about yourself today. 🏔️ #mountains #hiking

Always wished you could carry a mini, trusty companion on your shoulder – who wouldn’t get jealous at this view? #adventure…

Whether you’re hiking with the dog, a friend, or solo—hit the trail this fall for some fresh air. 🌳

Striking that power pose before a hike. You got this.

A hike may be measured in distance, but a walk is measured in smiles.

We started from the bottom and now we’re here. The majestic mountains of the High Sierra, calling us into their wild heart.

Let the wilderness calm your soul.

No matter the trail, always remember where you started. 🌲 #hikingcaptions

Here’s to hiking the paths less traveled. 👌🏻

Here’s to getting outside and moving your body, with every climb and every hike we reach for the next summit. #noregrets

Whoever said that “the best place to find a good man is at the end of your own garden”… never took their dog for a hike.

Cracking open those fresh new hiking boots (and filling them with ice) is about to get real!

Saddle up for #fallhiking – a photo contest on Instagram

It’s always an adventure when we hike, especially exploring new trails. #hikeorfly

Deep in the mountains, something begins to stir. A faint light flickers. Lights out for civilization and up for an adventure! Find a trail near you: www.parks.ca.gov #caweekend #pnwonderland

Rise and shine. May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. Hold on to your hope.

Turns out, at the top of every adventure you’re likely to see us

Breathe deep. Live well. Enjoy the mountain. ~ John Muir #hiking__outdoors

Going on a day hike? Hiking is a year-round activity in the Pacific Northwest. Come explore with us.

Canyoneering through the wilderness of Joshua Tree with @lily.beals 🏔 #trekcarver

No matter the path you choose, remember to live mindfully and fearlessly. 🧘🏽 #hikemore

It’s always a good idea to double down on water when the temperature heats up. Stay hydrated with these tips from @nathaliepazdingr. #stayhydratedcomingup #backpacker

Hard to leave this spot. Remembering the breathtaking views at dawn #goldenhour #sunrise #lospeñascalindo

There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a hard day’s hike. #comebackstronger

A hike on the highest point of the globe might leave you slightly breathless. #Astrobes #EarthDay2017

She woke up feeling thankful for another chance to be in a beautiful place with her best friend.

It doesn’t matter how deep into the woods you travel or how far from home you get, you’ll always return to the place where your story began.

Here are some hiking captions  that celebrate the feeling of adventure and community among hikers

🏔️🌲💨 Hiking is an appreciation for the beauty of underrated nature.

Hiking is the best way to get in touch with nature and find some solitude. 🙂 Can you hike in your own backyard?

There’s no place like the mountains #hiking quote

You don’t have to go far to find adventure. All you need is a great pair of hiking boots and these 10 Fall Footwear Trends 🏻️ or Visit our website for more inspiration.

Wander through the woods and seek adventures. 🌲 #blue_ridge_national_park #ncparks #hikingtrails

On the hunt for that special hike this fall? Here’s everything you need to know about fall hiking.

In the mountains, you can test yourself and get in touch with nature. I love the outdoors because that’s where my eyes see the farthest, and my soul feels the biggest.

Enjoy the great outdoors: all of it.

Climb up steep rock faces and take in the breathtaking view.

Enjoy the view, but remember to leave only footprints on the trail. #trailhead #hikinglife #adventure

Ain’t no mountain high enough when you’re walking Tall. #bergwandern #hikinglife

When life takes you on an unpredictable journey, remember to keep going. The next bend in the road may just be what you need.  Keep climbing!

Hike Your Wild Side

Find your own adventure. . . #adventurefinder.

It’s never too early for a sunrise hike! 🌻🏔

I’ll do anything to get close to the little mountain of chocolate that is my border collie. #ThisIsGwenNotTiffany

Turn your dinner into a campsite. 🏕 @rachaelshellsshells #outdoors

The mountain is calling and I must go. #TheEnchantedForest

Adventure awaits. Find it this weekend. 🌲

Do you hike? Visit an Ice cream shop? For a hiking company, this describes the feeling people have in that specific moment.

Get off the trail and get your paws on a new hiking shoe.

Up for an adventure? Take a hike—on us. 😎 #BeOutThere

New trailblazers. Girls who discover their power. And a calling to the outdoors. Get outside this weekend with @ORIGIN_Outdoor’s new campaign for women created by women, starring women. Since 1971 @ORIG

A picture is worth 1,000 words! Go outside this summer and capture nature’s beautiful scenes with a camera 📷 \”If the sight of the blue sky, the green grass, and a tree in blossom moves you so much that

Brushy Mountain Loop is perfect for adventurous hikers. This 1-mile easy loop trail winds thru the forest and rewards hikers with sweeping panoramic views of the Benton Lake Area

A hike is a journey, with no distance in the march of spirit.

Climb your own mountains and see your own views.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram. But if you want to show me a place so beautiful that it turns your

words into emojis…there’s Tumblr. Or Snapchat.

Wander, Wonder & Amaze.

* hike * behold #hiking

Hiking makes you feel alive.

🏔 #hiking #outsideisbetter

If you’re reading this, then you’ve survived hiking to the top ⛰🏔 & made it back safely.

You don’t need a plan to hike. Let the beauty of nature inspire you. Breathe deep and take your time.

Catching my breath after a quick climb. #trailrunning #hiking

Sweat up a storm with your friends, family, and yourself. Hiking is a great way to explore a new trail and get in touch with nature. ##$##

Tour the woods with a like-minded group and explore California’s natural well-being. (Editor’s note: this caption was for a hiking event and featured tour guides that are cannabis-friendly.)

It’s about time for a proper adventure. Let’s hike this weekend.

Get out there and trek it through.

Vancouver has some of the most beautiful hikes, I might not be an adventurous person but that still doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a well-crafted picture ( including my own of course *laughs*)

the outdoors.

We live to explore and the mountains are calling our name. So we’re up, up, up all day for miles. ..

Let the wild take you #adventureawaits . . . .

Today, the trail is calling.

Lace-up your boots and enjoy these trails.

As the leaves change, nights get longer, each step takes you deeper into nature and adventure. 🚶🏻

Let’s get some fresh mountain air on that bird! 🏔🗻

Welcome the weekend with #outdoor errands: refreshing tire treads, sprucing up bikes, and keeping your outdoor destinations in mind. Have a great weekend!

Cheers to that sweet time of year when sandal season and pumpkin season align. 🍂

It’s a hike, it’s a family hike, How fun !!

Day hikes. Overnight trips. Dawn to dusk outings. These are made for you (#hiking)

If you go up in the mountains, you will find me. Psalm 23:3 . #hiking

Fall is walking season, so pack your hiking boots and head to a trail near you. www.trailforks.com

🙌 _ 🎆nother trail under my belt.

Teeming with over 1,200 miles of trails and 600 lakes, Minnesota is the ultimate playground for getting outside. Take a hike!

Let the great outdoors surround you in our new ad campaign, drawing inspiration from various national parks and scenic landscapes across the country 🌲

We walk for miles with a heavy pack but when we reach camp, we appreciate every step we took!

Climbing higher and higher, there’s no getting out of this climb. 👊

Some people find peace in a church. I find it in the woods. -Henry David Thoreau

When you’re tired of the daily grind and just need to escape for an afternoon of hiking. 🌲#hiking_captions

Don’t you want to explore the trails? 💃… The sky is the limit. #NomadicSoul #HikingCaptions

Enjoy the great outdoors this weekend and soak in some autumn sunshine. #backtothewild

This is so much better than the office furniture. #trailhead

Let the beauty of the mountains linger 🌲. #backcountry

Wanna getaway? You don’t even have to book a flight. Just set out on an adventure in your own backyard.

It’s not the destination that matters…it’s the trail you take to get there.

With trails this epic, no wonder we work hard. To seize the day like this is to seize a lifetime. 😎

What’s bigger than big? Oregon. Always #exploreOREGON with us.

Walk your own path.

Walking makes you happy. Hiking makes you happier. There’s no better time than now to stop staring at a screen and enjoy the great outdoors.

This weekend, get out there and explore.  🏔️ #NeverStopExploring

There’s a lot to see along the way, so stop and take in all the epic views. Best hiking weekend ever.

On a hike, I feel free. I know that the views are up ahead and nothing can stop me from reaching them.

Ultimate hikers try, it’s the biggest and best thing you’ve ever seen!

A good hike builds character, for the city or nature. #MountainDayz

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there — Lewis Carroll

We’re taking the long way up #wanderlust.

Clambering over craggy peaks of granite-like we’re still doing the hills of San Francisco 🌞

It’s the trial time!

Hiking, Hiking, the only way to fly. Hiking is Heaven.

Soak in this gorgeous fall day. 🍁 #hiking #fallhiking #lakewomantrails

There’s nothing like seeing the sunrise from atop a mountain.

Every great journey starts with a trail.‍ #beyondthetrail

My spirit animal is the mountain. #staywild

For the tough terrain we encounter, the unpredictable and treacherous conditions that await us, and for our unsung but invaluable guides. Here’s to stepping off into the wild.

STAY ON THE TRAIL: If you’re heading out to the woods, be sure to stay on the trail. Follow basic hygiene principles and leave no trace! 🌳

Let’s go and conquer the great outdoors.  #hiking #outdoors #adventure

You can’t let the little voices in your head kill your dreams. Dreams chase you, not the other way around. You’ve gotta run after them…no matter how hard they are to catch #adventure #hiking #outdoors

Let’s plan a hiking trip to the woods

There’s nothing like the feeling of deep friendship to lift the spirits. #hiking

Walking is the best way to connect with the natural world and to nurture our own spirit of adventure. Join us for an outdoor experience that will inspire you!

Let’s get outside and explore autumn: lush forests, crisp breezes, and trails to be discovered. #hiking

Totally stunned by the view 🙌 #backpacker

The wilderness is calling, and I must go. #trailcampproject

You’re not a city slicker until you’ve scrambled along a mountain ridge.

Get some fresh air on the trails of North Carolina. Check out everything we have to offer @noc.champagne 🏔

Lose yourself in a hike. Get lost along the way. Just don’t forget to point your feet downward 😍 #hiking 🌲

#important #hikingcrisis #instagramoutdoors

Hike on! 365 days of adventure await.

Find your good vibes in the woods 🏻 #canyoneering #outdoors

If you find yourself in a forest of words, follow the trail to good health. ~Santa Montefiore #hiking

Hike your own hike‭!‬

🌲Traversing trails as trees transition from green to gold feels like the perfect way to appreciate all the beauty that fall has to offer. Enjoy it now, because winter is coming…

Your Best Worst Self When you strip down and push aside the things that hold you back, what’s left is your best worst self. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and this week is all about embracing what makes

It’s hard to be a snob when you realize everything in life is just marketing.

🏔In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

The best kind of friendship is the kind where you can just be yourself. Hiking with friends on a clear day is one of life’s most beautiful moments.

Life is just too hectic to spend a moment without some adventure. #adventurecaptures #getyourtongueswaggerup

Let’s go silent on the trail. Hoping to see mountain waterfalls and wildflowers. #outdoors

Let the trails call your name—and answer. That’s what we call a win-win. Hike on. 🌲

The Sierra Buttes hike is a famously strenuous trail that presents a unique challenge; looping around the base of the granite peak, it requires steep uphill climbing to get to a ridgeline and then traverses along the spine, with one side aff

Whether you’re up for a casual stroll, a rugged hike, or even something more adventurous, we’ve got your trail needs covered.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.’ -John Muir. 🌲🏔

Staring at the stars in total uncertainty. Are you gonna take us home? 🌌 #letshike @komodo_adventures

Hi there. 👋 You’re not lost, are you? 😁 We’re a bit underground here, so we don’t get many hikers in these parts… but we’re still happy to have you!

Expand the mind, body, and spirit with this outdoor adventure for you and your pup 👃