Can I Put a Frozen Fruit in a Food Processor?


Over the years, many people have asked about the possibilities of using their food processor to blend fruits and the answer I had always given them is that it is 100%  possible and acceptable to use a food blender for frozen fruits. You can put almost any fruit or vegetable in a food processor.

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What Are Frozen Fruits?

Before we go deeply into our main discussion, let’s have a brief description of the subject matter: Frozen fruits are whole fruits that have been freeze-dried or frozen and concentrated so they can be rehydrated to a higher moisture content than their original state.

Due to the superior flavor achieved through freeze-drying, fruit is eaten from a pouch will taste fresh and more natural than other forms so packaging. The substances contained in fruits are vitamins, minerals, fiber, fats, water, sugar, and many more. But vegetables that are frozen contain these substances less than fruits.

Why Are Fruits Frozen?

There are three main reasons why fruits are frozen: They are processed in the factory or at home without preserving agents or caning agents. As are a result of which the freshness of the fruit is lost. Then taste may also be affected. And they are not sold fast enough. Even though they are refrigerated instantly after purchase, the cut parts will lose their nutrients quickly. To prevent any further reduction in taste or nutrients, these fruits are then frozen. You may want to read: 7 Best Food Processors for Slicing Potatoes.

What To Do Before Putting Your Frozen Fruits into the Food Processor

If you have a recipe that calls for frozen fruit, you can use frozen fruit directly from the freezer to save prep time. However, you should ensure that these guidelines are observed;

  • Defrosting The Fruits First

Fruits should be allowed to thaw or defrost before being placed in a food processor. Allow the fruit to sit at room temperature for a little while so that it is no longer frozen before starting the food processor.

  • Adding A Few Ice Cubes To The Juice

Adding a few ice cubes to the juice prior to blending will further facilitate the thawing process. Fruit can be frozen in many shapes and forms. When making smoothies, frozen fruit is a convenient option for helping keep the smoothie cold while blending.

If the fruit has been in your refrigerator for at least one hour, it will be partially thawed when you mix it into the salsa. This will help the salsa come together. Fruit frozen straight from the orchard or berry farm is often hard enough that you can use them without any thawing in this recipe.

What Are The Benefits Of Processing Frozen Fruits?

Frozenfruitprocessingistheprimemethodforfreshfruitpreservationtomakeiteasytoworkwithallyearlong. This process does not alter the taste, nutritional value, or texture of the fruit. To begin, thaw processed frozen fruit in the refrigerator overnight. The freezing burst any air bubbles that occurred during freezing making them plump up and feel fresh again.

Do Food Processors Affect My Frozen Fruit Quality?

The processors are not designed to have this much weight on them. They are built for shredding, slicing, chopping, puréeing, and mixing all, while maintaining a center of balance and allowing the operator to hold the processor steady.

The quality of frozen fruit depends on how you handle it before freezing, so sort the fruit Tupperware first. This is because if ripe, juicy fruits are put into a plastic bag, they will make air out and make pores on fruits. If the fruit has been mixed with other ingredients (such as blueberry and plum), air can not go out and make big pores on homogeneous materials. If the fruit is soon to be pureed (so it won’t be eaten intact), then there will be no problem.

Have You Heard About The IQF?

A completely new fruit processing technology, the IQF system is characterized by its operation in a vacuum-sealed state, which enables longer storage periods and much longer shelf life for frozen fruits. Thus, the IQF processes fruits with a high sugar content that completely freeze, and then removes moisture by adsorption for a crisp and freezingly cold texture. The dried fruit can be stored for years without significant loss in flavor or texture.

How To Pick The Best Food Processor?

It’s not always an easy task to pick the best fruit blender. In fact, it may require you to do a lot of tests and make comparisons before you can get the best one for yourself.

The best fruit blender is one equipped with automatic controls and extra-large blades to cope perfectly with your blending tasks. It must be very simple to use, easy to carry around, and should be able to process vegetables and other ingredients into refreshing shakes.

What is the best blender I can buy to make smoothies?

There are lots of blenders out there; blender manufacturers make different models for different purposes. Blenders can make nut butter, soups, ice creams, and much more, but when it comes to making smoothies, you want a blender with special features like multiple speeds and pulse.


Frozen fruits are whole fruits preserved in a frozen state. In their native state, fruits contain an enzyme that when exposed to air causes the fruit to ripen. In order to preserve the fruit from ripening, it is removed from its natural environment, and quickly frozen.

Out of the freezer and into your smoothie or morning cereal, you’ll get all the fiber and nutrients found in fresh fruits without the hassle of preparing them. Even though they are refrigerated instantly after purchase, the cut parts will use their nutrients quickly. Check this article too: Can I Use a Food Processor to Grind Coffee Beans?

To prevent any further reduction in taste or nutrients, these fruits are then frozen and then processed with a fruit blender. However, in the absence of a fruits blender, one can process frozen fruits using the food processor. We hope this article helps, do not forget to like, share and comment. Thank you for reading!