Can You Cut Meat in a Food Processor?

Canyou cut meat in a food processor? Food processors are one of the most essential tools in our kitchen. They are versatile tools that everyone should have. For instance, you can use a food processor to knead the dough, slice salsa, or even grind and slice some vegetables like carrots and more.

Food processors’ universal functions make them super improvise items whenever the tool is unavailable. For example, meat grinders are used for grinding or cutting meat, but a food processor can do that job as well.

Can you cut meat in a food processor? The answer is yes. We will tell you more details about the food processor in this article. Have you ever tried [Cuisinart 14 cups Food Processor]?

Why You Should Grind Your Meat at Home?

Most of the processed meat in the market is not fresh and might have been contaminated with chemicals or strange substances you may not be aware of. To cut short your doubt and to enjoy nutritious and healthy meat, it is important to grind or cut your meat at home under supreme supervision.

Aside from that, it may be that you want fresh meat to make your delicious sausage if you grind the meat at home; the freshness is already at your disposal.

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What type of meat should be cut in a Food Processor?

Anytime I mention the word cut in this article, I want you to understand it as the word grind. Having said that; I will also like to list some of the meat that should be cut in a food processor.

1. Boneless country-style pork ribs.

2. Boneless beef short ribs.

3. Sirloin steak tips (for Juicy Pub-Style Burgers).

4. Large shrimp (for Shrimp Burgers).

5. Skinless cod fillets (for Lemon-Basil Cod Cakes).

6. Pork tenderloin (for Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps).

7. Boneless beef chuck-eye roast

8. Boneless, skinless turkey thighs (for Juicy Grilled Turkey Burgers).

What you shouldn’t do with the type of meat selected above?

The simple answer is that you should not overprocess any of the meat mentioned above. The result of over-processing them is that they become pasty and dense. If you grind meat to perfection, the texture becomes loose but tender while under-processed meat remains gristly and chunky.

How to Grind Meat in a Food Processor?

Now that you have understood the dos and don’ts of the meat you want to cut or grind, then it is important to discuss how to grind meat in a food processor. Here are some of the tricks I have for you:

1. Cut the Meat into Chunks and Slightly Freeze them

To make your poultry or meat easier to process, you need to cut them into ½ inch pieces. To maintain a chopped result, partially freeze the meat or poultry, and that will prevent them from being pulverized instead. You can get a bowl, tray, or any container that can be accommodated in your freezer, place the cut meat in it, then transfer it to your freezer to partially freeze it.

2. You can grind some Portions of the Ingredient into Paste

What some people do is grind some portions of the main ingredient of their recipe into a paste. For example, if you are preparing a shrimp burger or anything like a turkey burger, you can grind some of the ingredients into a paste, then use it to bind the rest of the dish that is already ground into a chunky texture. In that case, you don’t need to use bready binders or eggs.

3. Combine more than one cut of Meat for a Perfect Flavor

You know your recipe better than anyone, and you also have presumed how you want it to taste. You can combine different cuts of meat to achieve a presume taste or flavor for your burger. Once you have figured that out, just use your food processor to grind the selected cut of meat and hit your target.

4. Properly Push the Meat into the Feed Tube

Usually, it is not until you use too much effort on a food processor that it can give you the ideal texture you desire but you must provide one thing—ensure that you push the meat into the feed tube with the right pressure. If that is done properly, you can easily get a thin slice, clean, and even cut for your meat.

Can you use a food processor to grind cooked meat?

As I mentioned earlier, food processors are versatile tools, meaning they can be used to grind all kinds of meat, cooked or fresh. The first rule is to ensure that the meat is boneless, then cut it into chunks before processing.

We mentioned the common types of meat to grind in a food processor. What if I recommend [Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor]?

Can you chop raw chicken in a food processor?

Of course, if you want to prepare a recipe that includes chicken meat, don’t hesitate to chop the chicken breast in your favorite food processor. The only issue a food processor has when grinding any type of meat is when it ( the type of meat) contains bones.

Is the food processor the same as the meat grinder?

I agree that food processors can cut or chop meat, similarly to meat grinders but the result will not be as satisfactory as when you slice meat using the meat grinder.

Is a food processor a cutting tool?

We consider slicing and shredding the meat into chunks or smaller pieces as cutting, therefore, our answer to this question is yes. You can shred chicken breast for your chicken sausage or even use a food processor to chop your meat into your desired texture.

The ideal tool for grinding or slicing meat is using a meat grinder. However, if there is no meat grinder available, you can use a food processor. Bear in mind that using a food processor to grind your meat cannot give you a good result as a meat grinder will do.