Can You Grind Shrimp Shells and What Are the Best Shrimp Shell Grinders in 2022

Recently, a lot of people had wondered if the hard continuous shell of a water creature called shrimps can be grounded. If you arrived here because of searching for this topic, then you’re at the right place. Before we proceed, let’s have a clue of some related terms about the subject matter.

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What Is A Shrimp?

Shrimp is a traditional luxury food in the Chinese New Year. It is known as a kind of delicacy, and the clean shrimp is the most popular food for celebrations. The raw shrimp needs to be cooked according to different purposes, such as deep processing into dried shrimp, fresh shrimp or boiled shrimp. On the basis of different purposes, there are a lot of different cooking methods, such as fried shrimp, fried shrimp with green onion, boiled shrimp from seawater, shark’s fin soup.

What’s Shrimp Shell?

Shrimp shell is a byproduct of the shrimp industry that is produced as a meal/feed for poultry, fish, and other animals. Shrimp shell provides a variety of natural health benefits, including benefits that protect against serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

It contains a high concentration of calcium, which is a significant contributor to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.  In addition, it contains essential fatty acids:  Omega 3, 6 and 9 — as well as trace minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and potassium.

Shrimp shell also contains fibre which helps maintain a stable temperature. Shrimp shell is a natural ingredient that provides an exquisite flavour while gently infusing dishes with calcium and minerals. Shrimp shell extract (SSE), the extract of shrimp shells, has become popular for use in various types of foods, particularly for use in flavour enhancers, flavour modifiers, and seasonings.

Does Shrimp Shell Have Any Nutritional Value?

The shrimp shell is the remnants of the shrimp tail. This ingredient, once considered a waste product, is now being used as a source of calcium, magnesium and iodine for your dog. Shrimp shell is a protein and carbohydrate-rich, and highly digestible feed ingredient for all animals.

It helps to increase productive daily gains and improve feed efficiency without any negative effects on the animals’ digestive systems. With 75% protein and 30% fat, shrimp shell helps increase animal energy levels for higher output.

More About Shrimp Shell Processing?

Shrimp shells can be processed using a shrimp shell processor. Cooked shrimp shell is mainly used as animal feed and raw shrimp shell as industrial products such as charcoal and fertilizer. For industrial processing of shrimp shells, we suggest that you use the industrial universal pellet mill or industrial universal rotary dryer.

Can Shrimp Shells Be Processed?

Yes, you can process shrimp shells into compound fertilizer, bury them deep into the soil or build a shrimp paddy field. In the newly-built shrimp paddy field, you should plant some aquatic plants such as water hyacinth and water lettuce with the plantation of shrimp. They can absorb heavy metal elements from the soil and effectively reduce them, also make a contribution to make a better environment for the growth of shrimp after shrimp harvest.

Best 2 Shrimp Shell Grinders You Should Buy This Year

1. Moongiantgo 400g Electric Shrimp Shell Grinder 1800W

This Shrimp Deveiner will process shrimp shells effectively. It can be used on whole shrimp and on individual shrimp tail shells. If the tail of the shrimp is still attached to the shrimp, simply remove it and proceed to process with the shellfish deveiner.

How Does It Work?

The process of shrimp shell is made by separating the hard shell of seafood, such as shrimp, crab and lobster, from the edible meat. The number one factor to consider when processing shrimp or crab shells is how to reduce contamination in the product. To be used for human food or animal feed, seafood shells must be processed to limit bacteria. Shrimp shells can be processed into shrimp paste, intermediate products for animal feed, organic fertilizer, high-quality aquatic feed, the industry added value is more significant.

 2. BI-DTOOL 1000g Shrimp Shell Grinder

This product relates to a shrimp processing machine, which is mainly used to take off shrimp shells after processing shrimp. The machine is ideal equipment for the factory to process small shrimp or destroy whole shrimp. The machine can be equipped with high-grade stainless steel and PLC program control, greatly reducing the labour intensity of the operators and improving working efficiency.

The shell of this versatile shrimp peeler and processor is made from high quality 18/8 stainless steel and features a durable cutting and crushing blade and a double-sided cleaning brush. The two-piece cutting and crushing blade is designed for soft and hard-shell shrimps. The additional “fin comb” side removes loose shell fragments after processing/crushing the crustaceans. With its compact size and built-in cord storage, this shrimp shell blender is easy to carry–great for cooking or entertaining at home or taking along on your next trip. This is a kind of small equipment that can be used to crush part of the water shrimp, which is easy to operate and low cost.

How Does This Grinder Works?

It is made from five parts, including shell holder, bearing, clamp, spring and cover. Through rotation, the middle bearing will push the top shell plate to make it fall down and finally onto the lower plate, so as to crush the body shell and expose the juicy flesh. This shrimp shell crusher has been designed with simple elegance to make peeling shrimp easier than ever. The heavy-duty stainless steel, lightweight aluminium, and nonstick silicone provide durability and ease of use for generations to come. This is the perfect gift for shrimp lovers. Whether you’re buying fresh shrimp from the supermarket, or cooking up a batch of freshly caught shrimp, you’ll love our shell crusher. It grinds the shells up to almost powder in seconds. ORDER NOW!

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The best thing about shrimp is the flavour it adds to any recipe. Interestingly, these shells can be processed. Just place your shrimp body in the hopper and it will push out between the rings into your waiting bowl perfectly deveined leaving you with tasty tail-on shrimp. Shrimp shell grinder is a universal household kitchen tool to help you with food preparation, from reducing peeled shrimp shells to making shrimp flavoured soup, which you normally have to consume from a can or pouch. Now you can easily source it from nature and extract the most flavour with ease. We hope this was helpful!