Grinding Coffee With Ninja in Year 2022

Grinding coffee with ninja. If you are conversant with a blender, you will quickly tell that a Ninja is a Blender. Now, for sure, you are beginning to think why this topic is aiming at telling you that you can grind coffee beans with it.

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Don’t worry, before the end of this article, I would have given justice to the reason why a Ninja Blender can grind coffee beans.

I want to recommend this Nutri Ninja Blender to you, I hope you will find it useful at the end of the day. Now, let’s get back TO BUSINESS.

Wow, what is the big deal? You just bought some coffee beans, but don’t have a coffee grinder available, luckily you have a Nutri Ninja Blender, do you know that you are good to go?
This is the reason why I will have to explain how to grind coffee beans with a Ninja Blender and then, answer some questions along.

Without wasting any time further, any ninja blender will do this job, however, I prefer the single-serve cup and the reason is that it produces finer and better grind. At the same time, a single-serve cup handles absolute control over to you, and then, you can decide how super smooth you want your coffee powder to appear.

In other words, if you desire to grind coarse or smooth coffee beans, it is left to you.

Should You Put Too Much Coffee Beans in Ninja Blender

This is not a good practice at all. Don’t try to put, too many coffee beans in the blender as it makes your grinding inconsistent and granulated.
The best practice I can tell you is to grind the coffee beans in small batches. Grinding in batches helps you with your grinding consistency.

Sometimes, you may have decided to use standard pitchers, add at least 1 full cup of coffee beans, or more, which is advisable. Don’t use the pulses method here, instead, apply a steady-state blade for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes, in fact, it can be longer if you so wish. The type of coffee you prefer may play another vital role here.

The Grinding Process

Now, let us look at the grinding process you should apply when grinding coffee beans using the Nutri Ninja blender.

Choose Your Favorite Coffee

Everyone for sure must have his or her favorite coffee type, except if you are the type who doesn’t select at all. The most important thing is that; ensure you select the right type of coffee to be ground. After the selection assignment, prepare your coffee grinder.

Pour the Batches of Coffee Into the Blender

The next step is to gently put the selected coffee beans into the blender. Don’t forget, you aren’t allowed to put too many beans in the blender.

Pulse 12 Times for a Single-Serve Cup

This is the technique that is applicable to this very blender, if you want to achieve your consistency, apply this method while grinding your coffee grinder.

With these 3 simple steps, you will have completely ground your coffee beans and will be ready for brewing.

Question and Answers

Let us look at these questions one after the other and then provide the accurate answers as possible.

Can You Use a Ninja to Grind Spices

If you want to grind dry spices, the Ninja coffee and spice grinder attachment will handle that aspect for you, and for sure, you will achieve the best texture you may desire. This means a Ninja blender can be used to grind spices and coffee.

How Do You Grind Beans in a Ninja Blender

It is as simple as ABC and I have explained a specific method above, for a quick remembrance, I will list the steps again.

• Select your type of coffee beans and prepare the blender you prefer

• Fill the container depending on the type of blender you are using

• For a single serve-cup, pulse 8 to 12 times for a better result

• Brew the coffee and enjoy yourself

Other Kitchen Tools That Can Grind Coffee Beans

Apart from the Ninja blenders or other blenders, there are other entirely different kitchen tools that can grind coffee beans perfectly.

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle is an ancient tool that has always performed accurately as expected. There are various types of mortar and pestle, we have the types made of wood, granite, and some are made of glasses and so on.

How to Grind Coffee Beans in Mortar and Pestle

• Select your coffee beans and prepare your mortar and pestle.

• Pour the coffee beans in batches into the mortar and pound gently using the pestle.

• Keep pounding until you get your desire consistency.

• Repeat the steps above for every batch.

• Brew your coffee already.

Food Processor can Grind Coffee Beans

Food professors are one of the best tools that can be found in the kitchen and one good thing about them is that they are multipurpose.

The Steps of Grinding Coffee Beans Using a Food Processor

• Select your coffee beans and prepare your food processor

• Pour your coffee beans batch by batch in your food processor and that should be done in a short burst. If you can try this food processor, will do the job as well.

• Grind the coffee beans by turning on the food processor but practice short bursts for a better result.

Other Hacks You Can Adopt

Perhaps, if you don’t have blenders or any of the above tools, do you know that you can use other available ones at home? These tools can be used to grind coffee beans.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Using Hammer

• Get a clean sheet of paper or foil

• Select your coffee beans and place them on the foil above

• Get your hammer and press it on the coffee beans batch by batch

• Repeat this on the entire batches of coffee

Using Glass Cup

• Get a clean foil and pour your coffee beans on it

• Select the type of coffee beans you need and then set it for grinding

• Gently press the glass cup against the coffee beans batch by batch until you get your consistency.
• Brew the coffee already.

Is Ninja Blender Worth It

It worth it as the Ninja Foodie cold and hot Blender is known for its excellence in making soups. Another reason why you have to consider it is that, it is safe for hot blending, despite it has a built-in heating element that heats up within a short time.

Ninja blender is packed with enough power to handle the toughest ingredients and produce a smooth puree as you may be expecting.

Is the Ninja Professional Blender Any Good

Definitely, you must agree with me that Ninja professional blender is good. The motor power is strong enough to help you grind the toughest of ingredients, what else does a person desire to grind than that? It is worth it for sure and you will enjoy using it for blending and grinding as well.

Is Ninja Blender Better Than Nutribullet

Well, going by some criteria, I will rather say, ninja professional blender plus Blender with Auto IQ is better and more universal compared to the Nutribullet Blender combo. Ninja is better built and also easier to clean, can crush tougher ingredients such as ice, unlike the Nutribullet.

How Long Do Ninja Blenders Last

Well, it depends on your maintenance skill, if not, the Ninja blender is designed to last for 365 days, no wonder, that period is exactly the guarantee after the purchase with regular use. Just like I mentioned, if you lack maintenance skills, your Ninja blender may only last few months.

Is Ninja or Vitamix Better

If it is making of food, Vitamix scores slightly higher compared to Ninja, even so, it (Ninja) is a little better and easier to use. These blenders are perfect when it comes to making icy drinks, ice crushes, and then, they were tested for noise. Ninja is less expensive compared to Vitamin but that doesn’t stop it from being slightly better.

Which Ninja Blender Is Best

As for which, ninja blender is better, I have picked some of them here:

Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base – Best Ninja Blender Under 100

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja BL621 Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja

Ninja Mega Kitchen System—Best for Smoothies.

Note: the blenders’ list arrangement is not in the hierarchy.


So far, you should have understood that ninja blenders are powerful when it comes to blending ingredients for a different purpose. According to this article, I was able to tell you that a ninja blender can grind coffee beans or something even tougher than that. You may be ice love, crushing it within some seconds is not hard for a ninja blender to handle.

A ninja blender is very versatile and that could be as a result of the attachments that come with it, however, this universal feature sometimes can be linked to the powerful blade it comprises.
If you don’t have a coffee grinder, there is no need to be worried, just do the job using a ninja blender, however sometimes, ninja blender may not be available, use a food processor or apply the simple tools hacks I explained above.