How to Grind Coffee Beans Without Grinder in 2023

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without Grinder: We have written some tutorials previously, and now, we want you to read how to grind coffee beans without grinder. Have you ever wondered if it is possible to grind coffee beans without a grinder? You will get to know this after reading this article.

First, we want you to know that you can grind your coffee beans without a grinder. Having said that, we will come up with many other related tutorials. Now, are you ready to learn how to grind coffee beans without a grinder?

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how to grind coffee beans without grinder

There are many ways you can grind coffee beans if you don’t have a coffee grinder. The problem is that you can not get the same result as when you use the coffee grinder itself. However, it is worth it to improvise in the absence of the right tool for you.

We have provided ways you can use to grind your coffee beans and they are described below.

Use A Blender

A blender is a great alternative in the absence of a coffee blender like a burr or blade type. A blender is a multipurpose tool in the kitchen, therefore, if it can be used to grind coffee beans, it won’t be a shock to me. The issue is that before you can use a blender to grind coffee beans, ensure that it is strong enough.

How to Grind Coffee Beans with a Blender?

Now that you have gotten your blender, and it meets the criterion in which it can grind ingredients as tough as coffee beans, then set it to grind.

  1. Get your blender ready for the grinding process. You can keep it on your countertop.
  2. Now, set your blender settings to “medium-high”. If your blender has a grinder setting, set it to grinder SETTING.
  3. Pour your coffee beans into the blender batch by batch. The measurement could be ¼ cup or ½ cup.
  4. Cover the lid and place it firmly.
  5. Grind the beans within the time limit of 3 to 5 seconds using the pulse setting.
  6. Tilt your blender to the side to ensure consistent grinding.

Use A Food Processor

If you don’t have a blender as an alternative to a coffee grinder, use a food processor. A food processor is another powerful tool that is used in the kitchen to grind, cut, slice, and do more things not mentioned. If you want a great improvisation for your coffee grinder, we recommend that you go for a food processor.

How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Food Processor?

Grinding your coffee beans in a food processor is not difficult. In other words, it is as straightforward as these:

  1. Pour your desired coffee beans into the food processor and cover the lids. The amount should be specific and should not reach the mouth of the food processor.
  2. Use the pulse setting and grind the beans for about 3 to 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat the same step several times until your desired consistency is reached.
  4. You can make the grind becomes even by tilting the food processor.

Use Your Hand to Grind Coffee Beans

Do you know that you can use your hand to grind coffee beans? Now you know. If you want to grind coffee beans using your hand, you need to follow some of the tricks we outlined here:

Using Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle are ancient tools that people up till this era used to grind any kind of food items. In that case, using them to grind coffee beans is a straightforward challenge. If you would like to grind your coffee beans using mortar and pestle, follow these steps:

How to Grind Coffee Beans Using Mortar and Pestle

  1. Prepare your mortar and pestle by ensuring that they are clean and free from dust. You can use a sponge and water for the cleaning, and allow it to dry.
  2. Fetch your coffee beans in batches and pour them into the mortar bowl.
  3. Then start pounding the beans gently to avoid splitting.
  4. Once the beans have decreased in size, i.e. are now in smaller sizes, then, match your blender on them by applying some amount of force.
  5. Now, pound gently again.
  6. Pound and twist this time.
  7. Continue to pound gently until the coffee beans become powdery.
  8. You can repeat the same steps for the entire batch.
  9. After that, you can make your coffee beans and serve them.

Use Rolling Pin

I have seen people applying creativity in most things they do. I call them innovative, they know what to do just to solve a problem. Wait a minute, have you ever seen someone crushing coffee beans with a rolling pin? If yes, hurray, that idea is superb!

Sometimes, you may be out of budget and the only option left is that you must grind your coffee beans. To avoid a story that touches the heart, quickly improvise using this hack:

How to Grind Coffee Beans Using Rolling Pin

If you’d like to grind your coffee beans using a rolling pin, follow these steps:

  1. Fetch the number of coffee beans you’d like to grind in a Ziploc bag.
  2. Crush the coffee beans by hitting them gently using the rolling pin as you’d do using a hammer.
  3. Now that the coffee beans are in a smaller size, drive your rolling pin over the Ziploc bag gently. Ensure that you apply enough pressure to the beans in the bag, then gather the remnants in the middle and repeat.
  4. Grind to your desired consistency.
  5. Bear in mind that this process is not as easy as said.
  6. Repeat the same process to achieve a smoother texture as you want.

Use a Hammer

Using a hammer to crush your coffee beans is another awesome way to get your coffee beans grind. It is similar to using a rolling pin but, this time, instead of a rolling pin, you are using the carpenter hammer. Let’s proceed.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Using a Hammer?

If you want to grind coffee beans with a hammer, these steps will guide you:

  1. Fetch the number of coffee beans you would like to grind in a Ziploc bag similar to the rolling pin method.
  2. Use the hammer to crush the beans in the bag. You should strike them gently not as when you strike nails.
  3. They will be broken into smaller particles now.
  4. Now, press down firmly on the hammer and crush it to the ground applying little effort.
  5. Keep crushing and moving the crushed beans to the middle of the bag until you achieve your desired consistency.

Note: you can use the flatter side Chef knife to crush your coffee beans in the absence of a hammer.

Use a Hand Mincer or Garlic Presser

In the absence of any of the tools I explained above, you can decide to use a hand mixer or garlic presser if you have any of them. Bear in mind that when using a garlic presser, you need to place the coffee beans in the same place you will place your garlic before squeezing it.

The problem is that the garlic presser hole is a bit big, which means, you will only get coarse grounds for your coffee beans. To ensure fine or medium grind, you may want to support this method with a rolling pin or hammer method.

How to Grind Coffee with Hand Mincer or Garlic Presser?

To grind coffee beans using a hand mixer or garlic presser, follow these steps:

  1. Place a small quantity of beans into your presser or Mincer.
  2. Now squeeze the tool firmly until the entire coffee beans remnants passed through.
  3. If your grinds are too big for your desire, then run them through the Mincer or presser again.
  4. Repeat the same process until you achieve your planned consistency.

We hope that the tricks revealed above can do great jobs when it comes to grinding coffee beans without grinder. However, we would like to touch on other aspects of the coffee beans. I am sure you would love it.

The Four Types of Coffee Grounds

There are four types of coffee grounds and each of them gives different types of coffee drinks. As an individual or a company, there is a need to know and master these four types of coffee grounds if you want your business to grow.

  1. Coarse Ground.
  2. Medium Ground.
  3. Fine Ground.
  4. Pulverized Ground.

The Texture you can get using our Methods Mentioned

You can get different types of textures when you grind your coffee beans using any of the methods we described above:

  1. Blender: You can get Medium and Coarse Textures.
  2. Food Processor: You can get Medium and Coarse Textures.
  3. Rolling pin: You can get Medium, Fine, and Coarse Textures.
  4. Mortar and Pestle: You can get Medium, Coarse, Fine, and Pulverized.
  5. Hammer: You can get Medium and Coarse Textures.
  6. Hand Mincer or Garlic Presser: You can get Medium, and Coarse.

Note: Pulverized means super fine.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to grind coffee beans without a grinder

We noticed that people often ask questions on this topic, so, we decided to create this section of our article for them to learn better. If you would like to learn too, kindly read this section carefully.

Can you use a blender to grind coffee beans?

You can use a blender to grind coffee beans when there is no grinder available. The issue is that if you are looking for an alternative tool to give you fine consistency, a blender cannot represent a coffee grinder in that aspect. What if you read this article: How You Can Separate Frozen Meat Without Thawing It?

The reason is that the highest texture a blender can give you is Medium or Coarse. I recommend that you use mortar and pestle as a perfect alternative to give you a fine or super fine texture.

Can you grind coffee beans in a bullet?

Since a magic bullet blender is a blender, the answer is yes. You can follow the same steps I provided under how to grind coffee beans in a blender above. Luckily, the magic bullet is a perfect blender that possesses the entire requirements as stated above.

What is the best way to grind coffee beans?

Using the burr grinder is the best way to grind your coffee beans if you don’t want to consider the heat produced by an electric grinder. If you can use the manual burr blender, that will be super better than any other method since it is faster and easier than using mortar and pestle. You can as well gain super fine texture using the coffee grinder.

Can you grind coffee beans in the ninja?

When thinking of grinding your coffee beans in a blender, have it in mind that power is essential. If you can lay your hands on a ninja blender with the power of at least 500 watts. If you are using a ninja blender, use the low setting or pulse mode.

Is whole-bean coffee better than the ground?

It is better to buy whole coffee beans and grind them at home. Buying ground coffee in the store may not be an ideal idea but if you don’t have the means to grind whole coffee beans at home, you can buy ground ones. However, the coffee beans you grind at home have more nutrients than the ground coffee beans purchased outside.

Can I use ground coffee for whipped coffee?

You can use ground coffee for whipped coffee but you should add enough sugar. To give your whipped coffee a fluffy consistency, use an equal amount of ground coffee and sugar.

We started with the tutorial on how to grind coffee beans without grinder, by now you should no longer find it difficult to grind your coffee whenever there is no coffee grinder. We explained all the methods you can use as an alternative to grind your coffee beans to the desire you planned in the absence of a coffee grinder.

We hope that you find the questions and answer sections useful as well.

Lastly, we also touched on the various ways you can grind your coffee beans without a grinder. That means, you now understand that there are other ways to grind coffee beans, for instance, you can grind your coffee beans with a food processor to give you medium or high consistency. Aside from that, mortar and pestle are perfect alternatives for medium, coarse, fine, and super fine textures.