Can a Ninja Blender Grind Coffee Beans 2022

Can a ninja blender grind coffee beans: We all know that a ninja blender is very powerful and has been an essential tool in the kitchen that influences a lot of meals possibility in almost every home. Ninja as a brand is scientifically magical, and its products have always proved fantastical.

A Ninja blender can grind coffee beans; therefore, it remains a good alternative to a coffee grinder whenever it is not available. I hope you have set a ninja blender aside already, just prepare a way to use it for the next grinding.

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Why Are Ninja Blenders for Grinding?

I know very well that majority of us believed ninja blenders are only constructed for blending but the bitter truth is that they are very versatile than we think of them. You can chop, and grind ingredients using a ninja blender. You heard me loud and clear, that’s the power of a ninja blender.

With a ninja blender, you can save more money and time by purchasing a single blender instead of separate appliances. As if that’s enough, you will learn more about the amazing features of a ninja blender as you precede your readings in this article. Good Luck!

Now that you understand that a ninja blender is versatile, can you grind coffee beans in it? Yes, you can grind coffee beans in a ninja blender. However, you must pick the high blenders as you can’t get good fine grinding using 400 or 600 watt-blenders. It is your choice now, so what are you thinking?

Steps involve in Grinding

There are steps involved in grinding your coffee using the ninja blenders and these steps are essential for you to know before starting the grinding process.

Get Your Blender Ready

The first step that is involved in this grinding process is that you should get your blender ready, couple it well, clean it, and thoroughly dry it for action.

Ensure that you check the entire connections, as an interrupted connection can cause an accident. You don’t want to involve in a motor accident right? The same can happen here if you are careless about it.

Choosing your Coffee Texture

This has to do with your determination or desire. What texture do you want for your coffee? You need to determine your texture before grinding so as to ease your chances of getting an accurate texture after the whole grinding process. Do your brain stormy, before grinding your coffee beans.

Pulse Grinding

Adopt this grinding technique while grinding coffee beans in a ninja blender. The reason is that if you try to grind whole beans together may possibly cause lumps and uneven consistency and most importantly, it is not even good for the blender involved.

Instead of selecting the whole grinding technique that can cause havoc to your grinding experience, why not grind the coffee beans in small batches and then pulse grind, this will help crush them appropriately. Do you know pulse grinding is?

If you give your blender sometimes to rest and then start again—that is the pulse grinding technique already. The interval is short in this technique; it is simpler in this way and also causes less tension.

This process will aid you to easily stir up the mixture between the intervals and easily achieve a fine consistency.

Getting Your Desired Consistency

Getting your desired consistency depends on the texture you selected before the grinding process. In most cases, people want their coffee beans powder smooth. If that is your own case too, in order to make this possible, hold on to the pulse grinding technique until you reach your desired consistency.

You have to be careful so as to not let your mixture get clumped. Stir very well so that you can get a good consistency, thus, stir gently with a dry spatula and mix it all up.

Cleaning up your Blender

Truly, it is not easy cleaning up our mess after grinding most of the time. Some of us will like to postpone the cleaning up till other times; however, it is very important to do the clean up immediately. This practice is ideal, to help our appliances last longer than expected.

Take out the entire sections and clean them one after the other, do not allow a single spot in the blade. Meaning, you should thoroughly clean up the blade.

You can as well use a dishwasher but ensure that your blender is dried and out of moisture.

The Pros and Cons of Grinding Coffee Beans Using Blender.

The Pros

Easy to clean

You must have been familiar with cleaning a blender. If so, you will understand what I am trying to communicate. Instead of using those fancy but complicated appliances, using a ninja blender is never a bad choice. It is easy to clean as well as easy to use.

Small Size

You don’t need to waste all your muscles carrying an appliance just to grind your coffee beans. The lighter weight of a blender gives it more advantage against a food processor as an alternative to a coffee grinder.

Quick Solution

Grinding coffee beans in a blender is easier than other coffee grinders. It works fast and very simple and for this reason, a quick solution for you.

Cheaper to Purchase

Coffee grinders are expensive. If you use a ninja blender to grind your coffee beans, you will save a lot of money. Apart from that, it can serve you as a blender, grinder, and chopper.

Flavor Bank Endowed

If you grind your coffee beans with a blender, they come full of flavors as the blender holds the flavors in, in an ideal manner that keeps the aroma intact.


Little Bitterness

Sometimes, if you grind coffee beans with a ninja blender, will taste bitter while other times they are just normal as usual.

Irregular Consistency

Coffee grinders are the main grinders made for grinding coffee beans. A blender, unlike these coffee grinders, cannot maintain a regular consistency but this depends on the user. If you already have mastered the trick for maintaining regular consistency, keep applying it.

Final Notes from Me

From the entire information above, you now understand that you can grind coffee beans with a ninja blender. If you are asked next time if it is possible to grind, chop and blend with a ninja blender, I am sure your answer will be yes. However, there is a need for you to observe all the precautions mentioned.


Can you Grind Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender?

A lot of people love coffee grinders but don’t have the money to expensive fancy grinders—as if it is even compulsory. Well, luckily, it is possible to grind coffee beans using a ninja blender but it has to be the type with high motor powers like 1000watts and above. Don’t use a blender with motor power below the stated watts above.

Can You Grind Coffee in a Food Processor?

A food processor has always been a good boy as it is highly versatile. You will be shocked at how powerful and multipurpose these machines are. To cut long story short, you can grind coffee beans in a food processor. All you need is to get a blade that can give you a good texture. If a food processor can grind my coffee beans in a similar text with the popular Nescafe, what else do I want?

Is It Okay to Use a Blender for Making Coffee?

If you are to judge by my article, so far so good, it is appropriate to use a blender for making coffee. The only thing I cannot guarantee you is regular consistency except you must have mastered the use of the blender.

Can Ninja Blender Grind Dry Ingredients?

Ninja blender is versatile, in fact, I am allowed to call it a food processor. Mind you, it can also act as a food processor. It comes with various sized jars and cups.

The 72 oz pitcher is ideal for the preparation of large batches while the small cups are perfect for grinding spices and converting ingredients that are dried into a powder, powdered sugar is not left out.

Can I Grind Rice in a Ninja Blender?

This can’t be a problem too hard to handle for a ninja blender. Remember, you can grind coffee beans using a powerful blender like the bigger sizes for Nutri ninja. The same can be done with rice. All you need is to grind the rice in batches using the pulse method. As soon as the rice is broken into smaller granules, blend it at high speed until the powdered texture is observed. Don’t stop this process until the rice is completely ground.

Can Blender Be Used as Grinder?

So far, the blender has proven as a tool we can use to grind or chop our dry foods such as coffee beans, nuts, vegetables, or nuts. The major setback is that a blender does not have options for different types of cutting unlike food processors or for even grinding in the case of burr coffee grinders.


Ninja blenders are known for their capacity to handle a lot of tasks in the kitchen, for this reason, they are one of the best blenders that are in the market. They are cheap but powerful and their versatility does not end in blending ingredients only, they can cut and chop ingredients as well.